The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military – Tim Bakken, Show #3115 (Dec. 28, 2022)

Warriors for Peace Lakewood, WA, United States

This publication is not a read for the faint of heart. We have seen all too often that leaders we thought would represent the best of the best have shown their feet of clay when it comes to ethics, integrity, clear thinking, and civility. Sometimes we have to take off our rose-colored glasses to see […]

The Art of Mastery: Principles of Effective Interaction – Peter Ralston

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

This publication is very powerful with the wisdom it contains. Peter incorporates the wisdoms he has grown into via the martial arts and other modalities he made his business to study. The big “D” is behind much of what he has learned and he is happy to share what he has learned and how it […]

Rewriting Illness – Elizabeth Benedict

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

Elizabeth is a professional writer and decided to share her own personal experiences with cancer, healing solutions of various types and the journey she went through to finally come to terms with the reality she was facing.  In that process she asked a lot of questions that you might find quite interesting. Join us for […]

Mind Golf: The Troubled Genius of Moe Norman – Robert Ragland Young

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

At one of a series of clinics that former USPGA teacher of the year Craig Shankland staged, he asked Moe Norman, “What’s it like to hit perfect shots Moe?” Moe thought for a moment, then responding, “You will never know.”  If you are a golfer, you will enjoy hearing about this very skilled and special […]

Unlock the Power of Your Perception: Claim Your Natural Strengths, Reframe Your Weaknesses, Reshape Your Most Important Relationships – Gary M. Jordan & Lynda-Ross Vega

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

This professional couple decided to work together to enable people to harness their strengths, reframed their weaknesses, reshaping their environments – both professional and personal. We all have more positive attributes than negative; however, we usually focus more on our weak points than the natural strong talents we have. Join us for more insight into […]

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