The Liminal Odyssey: The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between – Sande Hart

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

The alchemical power of the spaces in-between.  What is liminal space?  Does everyone have it? Why is it important and how does it assist us to be aware of it.  Sande states that it is a spiritual philosophy expressed through story, and how in knowing it, synchronicities and the mundane become miraculous. An interesting perception…curious?  […]

Promises Betrayed: An Afghan Interpreter at The Fall of Kabul – Jamil Hassan

Warriors for Peace Lakewood, WA, United States

A year ago, we saw the removal of American soldiers from Afghanistan. We also saw the tens of thousands of Afghans trying to escape from the Taliban by being lifted out of their country to environments of safety in other countries, including the U.S. This is Jamil’s account of what is really going on in […]

Healing Plants of Greek Myths – Angela Paine

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

The origins of Western medicine and its original plant remedies derived from Greek myth. Angela became very interested in plant medicine after being cured of some serious medical conditions that antibiotics just weren’t helping, plus she was allergic to them.  We’ll be discussing some of the amazing cures that the plant kingdom provides.  Ancient knowledge […]

PTSDreams: Transform Your Nightmares from Trauma through Healing Dreamwork – Linda Yael Schiller

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

Nightmares are not fun, especially when they are caused by trauma, leaving you totally exhausted because your sleep is interrupted. You can heal them and Linda will show you how in our conversation.  She is psychotherapist who has for 40 years enabled people to disable the disabling dreams. Hope, healing, and life-affirming images can replace […]

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