Relative Distance: A Memoir – David Pruitt

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA

This memoir is about two brothers who are raised in a very abusive environment and how two distinctive life journeys evolved.  It also addresses the role played by family and […]

Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics – Jonathan Goldman

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA

This is an amazing publication regarding sound and the miracles it produces for the well-being of just about anyone.  Jonathan is recognized internationally for his extensive knowledge and experience, both […]

The Unlocked Path: A Novel – Janis Robinson Daly

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA

The 20th Century woman, educated, career-minded, independent. Time frame 1897. This is a novel about a woman entering medical college at a time when only 5% of doctors are women. […]

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