Ignite a Shift: Engaging Minds, Guiding Emotions and Driving Behavior – Stephen McGarvey

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

What does it take to change a hardwired mindset and behaviors? Are there tools one can use to assist the self, business environments, civil and national demeanors for changes that move forward, not stepping backwards into a blindsided perception that no longer applies to the real life in the now moment?  Yes, there are and […]

The Grey Bird of Baghdad – Stephen Phillip Monteiro

Warriors for Peace Lakewood, WA, United States

This true story of a rescue of a man and his family by an ex-Secret Service agent is incredible!  It would make an amazing movie, and I can tell you, it is difficult to put this story down as what evolves provides a very deep insight into what it takes within a bureaucracy to make […]

The Amazonian Angel Oracle: Working with Angels, Devas, and Plant Spirits – Howard G. Charing (Romania)

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

Howard shares an amazing story about a shaman named Pablo, who is a phenomenal international artist with exceptional perceptions about life, and how Pablo enabled him to develop these exceptional cards that share the wisdoms this very special man taught him. They are not just beautiful cards, the wisdoms/perceptions are quite special.

Stepping Beyond Intention: 2nd edition – Daniel Mangena

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

Daniel has a strong belief that all human beings are miracles in action, if they choose to be. You have a ‘choice machine’ within yourself that can enable you not to just deal with the change’s life brings you, but leverage them in powerful ways that empower you to reach for broader horizons with enthusiasm.

The Emerald Spiral Expo – Kent Commons

Kent Commons 525 Fourth Avenue N, Kent, WA, United States

September 24th, Saturday… The Emerald Spiral – Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave North, Kent, WA. This is a one day event, Hours: 9am to 5pm. For more details go to The Emerald Spiral Expo.

The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul – Connie Zweig, Ph.D.

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood, WA, United States

In the western environment aging is looked at as something to be a disadvantage. Times are changing as so many of us will live to be 100 or older.  Quite a prospect to think about when it wasn’t that long ago most people died very young.  How do we age with grace and maintain a […]

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