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Alaskan Whole Life Festival | Coast Inn at Lake Hood | Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Whole Life Festival | Coast Inn at Lake Hood 3450 Aviation Ave, Anchorage

I will be in Anchorage, Alaska from Wednesday, March 6th to Sunday March10th . I will be available for private appointments during this trip. Should you or a friend want to meet with me while I am in Anchorage, please call my office number of 253.582.5604 for scheduling. The Alaskan Whole Life Festival is on […]

Ethics for Everyone: A Skills-Based Approach – Larry R. Churchill

Warriors for Peace Lakewood

Larry is a Professor of Medical Ethics Emeritus at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This publication is for everyone who wants to understand what ‘ethics’ really mean and how we can value and demonstrate them in everyday life. It is the feeling of many that ethics have been thrown to the wayside, undermining the real values […]

The Handler: A Nick Reagan Thriller – Jeffrey S. Stephens

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood

If you enjoy a page-by-page gripper, this is a book that will give you that. Though a novel, it gives a lot of facts dealing with international situations present today. This is one of a series that you’ll want to read.

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