Destined to Be a Hamilton: True Life Stories of Mary Anne Hamilton, Great-Great Granddaughter-in-Law of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton – Mary Anne Hamilton

Warriors for Peace Lakewood

“I believe I was destined to be a Hamilton for a very special reason.” This is the beginning statement by Mary Anne as she starts to tell her story about her journey that takes her into the fascinating history of one of the significant people who had an impact on the development of principles that […]

To Dance with Dakinis: In Search of Self – Dena Merriam

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood

This is one of the most powerful publications I have read on reincarnation. Dena writes about a woman in the 12th century in Tibet, her recall of past lives and the lessons that need to be learned for her to find the understanding of who and what she really is, within and outside of herself.

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