The Division of Light & Power – Dennis J. Kucinich, Show #2840-2

Warriors for Peace Lakewood

You can’t fight City Hall!...This statement is made by many people. Dennis was a mayor in Cleveland, Ohio and took on the challenge of fighting the deep levels of corruption in his beloved city. His story about the grueling 2 years of battling the forces of corruption on all levels, with a very dedicated team […]

Quantum Spirituality: Science, Gnostic Mysticism, and Connecting with Source Consciousness – Peter Canova

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood

Peter has been a guest on my show previously and his writing typically was oriented towards fiction, however, not this publication.  He delves into the paranormal, the science that is becoming aware of realities they ignored before… and so much more. He is an out-of-the box thinker, putting words and actions behind his discoveries.

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