The Olive Branch from Palestine: The Palestinian Declaration of Independence and the Path Out of the Current Impasse – Jerome M. Segal

Warriors for Peace Lakewood

The Palestinian Declaration of Independence and the path out of the current impasse. Jerome is internationally known as one of the most innovative conflict resolution practitioners. He sincerely believes that in time this long-term conflict will come to a close. We’ll be discussing how the process currently is working towards this resolution.

The End of Scarcity: The Dawn of the New Abundant World – Kristen Ragusin

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood

Kristen has taken on the challenge of presenting a non-fiction narrative adventure to make the working people of today aware of the wonderful opportunities for financial freedom. Kristen believes that a new way to do money is being born.  Can scarcity be a relic of the past?  We’ll have to hear what she has to […]

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