Divided We Fall: Why Consensus Matters – Allan Rivlin, representing his mother, Alice Rivlin

Warriors for Peace Lakewood

In today’s world conflict seems to be the norm. Alice passed away after this manuscript was completed and it was dedicated to speaking up and out regarding her concern that ‘The American Experiment is in danger of failing’. Her observations and comments  are oriented to empowering the American environment, the recognition of the power of […]

Integral Relationship Practice: A Manual For Singles, Couples, Helping Professionals, and Group Facilitators – Martin Ucik (Turkey)

The Donna Seebo Show Lakewood

This dynamic and very involved publication share 26 practice modules for singles and couples who are interested in the embodied practices and experiences of healthy, sustainable integral love relationships. He has dedicated his career to empowering men and women to have deeper understanding of how relationships can become richer and happier, fulfilling a loving partnership.

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