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Empowering Children & Adults through Classic Storytelling

What creates a writer?

Do you have to have special talents? A vivid imagination? What triggers that creative writing button that leads to authoring and publishing books?

For Donna it began in a high school summer class of creative writing. One morning while in class, she was called up to the teacher’s desk to go over the writing she had submitted. They talked for a while and the teacher said something that Donna never forgot. She said, “Donna, if you write the way that you talk your stories will be wonderful.”

While in school journaling became a habit. That habit carried over into her adult years. In her late 20’s she started writing stories. Her stories were published in church newsletters and people loved them.

Do you believe that trees can talk?

The Woodcutter and the Tree is a delightful tale about the environment and the importance of saving one of our most important resources – trees. Many centuries ago in a small village in medieval England, a unique and wonderful event occurred that changed the lives of a community of people, and their environment, in a very special way

Do you believe that Mother Nature’s creatures can live in harmony with the humans around them? Can we, as humans, be good custodians of Mother Earth, her resources, and our fellow creatures? These questions and more will be answered in a surprising way when you enter the wondrous world of The Woodcutter & the Tree.

The Magic & Power of Story

THE MAGIC HAT is about miracles. Miracles of love, imagination, and faith.

A nurse named Annie has a special gift when it comes to working with sick children. Through the power of story and a ‘Magic Hat’ she is able to save a child’s life and enable a better future for a little girl named Julie. There is a ‘King of Horses’, a Prince, and Crystal Magic, that when combined with the power of love and faith, transforms what seems impossible to the possible.

Everyone who reads the story is moved to tears and then to joy as the story of love’s magic weaves itself into one’s heart and mind.

The audio book is a delight to listen to. Available on CD or through electronic download ‘The Magic Hat’ will quickly become a favorite of your child. Age group: 3-10 years. Adults enjoy it too. The audio book is filled with music, sound effects and the vibrant voice of Donna Seebo. The listener is transported to another time and place where love, faith and crystal magic still exist.

NABE Award Winner – Winter 2016
Best Book in the Category of CHILDREN’S ADVENTURE

The Gift of Storytelling

GOD’S KISS had a very special meaning to her. She was sitting at home in her kitchen table in Burbank, California, wondering what she could give as a gift to friends for Christmas. As a single mother she didn’t have much money. Then, something started working in her mind. Images of animals and then a story played out entirely in her imagination. She quickly pounded it out on her antique typewriter, afraid she would lose its magic if she didn’t put it on paper quickly. After reviewing it she decided it would be her Christmas gift to friends. Making copies on plain paper, she folded the pages up and inserted her gift into the holiday cards.

The response was wonderful. People loved the gift and said how much it had touched their minds and hearts. You must publish this one day! These words were said to her time and time again. The year was 1977 and GOD’S KISS was published in 1994.

Donna has the gift of storytelling and she shares it daily on her nationwide and international radio show, in her monthly newsletters, public speaking, teaching and also her published products. You can view her newsletters here on site and also visit her product page for more details about her publications.

Dynamic Powers of The Mind

Donna Seebo is also the author of MIND MAGIC. This set of 4 talks contains simple steps to unleash the Dynamic powers of your mind. It is both written and narrated by Donna Seebo. Using her personal experiences, Donna created this program to teach individuals to develop their own mind powers to enhance their daily lives and personal relationships.

Donna teaches her “Mind Magic” system by speaking at various business meetings and seminars. her program involves a lively display of her own mind skills and then begins to explain, in easy to understand terms, how anyone can develop their own mind’s abilities.

In this two cassette series, mental practitioner Donna Seebo leads you step-by-step through the mind skills needed to meet and master challenges.


Also Donna Seebo created THE MIRACLE OF EIGHT PENNIES which is an Inspirational, true story of how people can be supportive to one another. Share the miracle with yourself and friends.

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