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Donna invites you to join her podcast weekdays, Monday through Friday. The Donna Seebo Show airs from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Pacific Time; 11:00 PM to12:00 AM Eastern. This program is live and callers are welcomed during the second half of the show. Free readings are given, questions answered. The show call-in number is 253.582.5597.

The Author's Showcase - Donna Seebo Show

Donna is adding a new feature to the show called The Author’s Showcase. This showcase will provide detailed information about each author, interviews, important links and where to purchase their publications. Stay tuned for announcements!


Delphi Vision Broadcasting Power Quote for October

“If America is to be run by the people, it is the people who must think. And we do not need to put on sackcloth and ashes to think. Nor should our minds work like a sundial which records only sunshine. Our thinking must square against some lessons of history, some principles of government and morals, if we would preserve the rights and dignity of men to which this nation is dedicated.”  ~Herbert Hoover



Dear Donna,

I SO enjoyed our interview Thursday, May 6, 2021! You were so relaxed and conversational that it made my part easy! I appreciated your questions, and feel that they gave the listening audience a good sense of the book. Thank you!

As for who Bud's character was modeled after, he represented every kid left behind, hopeless, and stuck in the loop of despair.

I was thinking about your contribution to raising consciousness. What an amazing schedule you maintain! Five interviews per week. So, that's reading five books per week. Planning all the questions, scheduling. Then your own writing, managing your business, and your infinite list goes on! Amazing!

I hope our paths cross again.

In Gratitude,

Deborah-Marie Diamond
Author of Union of the Masters


I truly adored that half an hour, more than you can know. to have someone so Get It, on SO MANY levels, after all this time and work and sweat and tears and love... means all the Whirld and then some. Your enthusiasm and your View of the Whirld, well…. Boy, am I gonna have sweet dreams tonight!

I wish you all things bright and beautiful, Donna. You are A-MAZING.

Thanks a million, and then a million more!

Suzie Plaxton, New York
Author of King Lillian


‘Light Up Your Life with a Little Bit of Insight’broadcast-tower

Mon 25

Pump: A Natural History of the Heart – Bill Schutt

October 25 @ 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT

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